Learn more about your Growler


Can I return my growler for a refund?

Yes, you will receive £1 for every clean, undamaged growler you return.


What shelf  life does an unopened growler have? 

Approximately 3 to 4 months, if kept refrigerated.


How should it be stored?

Growlers should be stored upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight with the cap firmly screwed on.


Once opened, how long does it last?

Once opened, the beer is subject to oxidation which slowly affects the taste and carbonation. Various factors can determine how long the beer may be kept, such as the number of times the growler has been opened, the temperature it is kept at, how much of its contents is consumed and how securely the cap is screwed on. Our growler-conditioned beers can last between 48 hours and 7 days.


Should the beer be cloudy or hazy?

The clarity of the beer is dependent on many factors. The beer sold in our growlers is unfiltered and unfined, so you can expect it to be cloudy. Of course, over time the sediment falls and sits at the bottom of the growler, in which case it will be clear.


What happens if I drink the sediment in the beer?

The sediment is brewer’s yeast, rich in B-complex vitamins and therefore replenishing the body. The sediment also behaves as a natural pro-biotic. But please don’t break open your growler to get every last bit out!

At what temperature should the beer be drunk?

Such a preference varies from one person to another. An ideal temperature is 12 °C although some may prefer it much cooler.


Should I wash out my growler once it has been emptied?

Yes, please give it a quick rinse and dispose of (recycle) the cap yourself.

Each clean empty growler without the cap gets your 25% off your next Growler Swap.


Where can I purchase?

Please have a look at our ‘markets/event page’.


Will my beer be delivered on the same day I place my order?

Orders are subject to availability and we recommend that orders are placed weekdays as soon as possible in the day, but the cut off time is 5pm. Orders received after this time will be delivered the following delivery day. Our delivery days are “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday” We do recommend you refer to our social media channels to be altered on the general status of deliveries.

What are my delivery options?



Tuesday - Saturday

  • MK1 - MK19 + MK43 & MK46 
  • Minimum Order £30


  • Further Out £40


Wednesday Home Deliveries

  • Order by 5pm on Tuesday
  • Minimum order £50