Michael Bird

?I was lucky enough to win a growler as part of a competiton Bucks Star was running, and I had chosen the pils variety. This was a nice smooth beer, dark in colour and a really good taste! I could drink this all day! I have also tried the No.1 when that first came out, and that is just as good. I’ve yet to try the stout, but as I do have a growler, I can pop down the road and get this swapped out, knowing that there will be no waste as the bottle is re-used. I can see Growler Swap being the new revolution when it comes to drinking, as when you see recycling boxes full of bottles, you know it will take a while for those to get recycled, thus increasing the energy used to actually recycle them. This is a great initiative and really hope this does become the norm for other companies too! Good work!